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The Scalan local management committee met this week for the first time since the start of the pandemic. We came to a few conclusions: 


  • It is with regret that we do not yet feel able to arrange the Annual Mass this year. Things are still so uncertain and the rules and regulations still in force make it well nigh impossible in any practical way. Each member of the committee would love to have the Mass, but each thought it still unwise in the present circumstances.

  • We do feel though, that some attempt should be made to hold an AGM. However, it was considered best to put it off as far as possible in the hope that the situation would improve, so we are aiming for the first half of October, before travel is made difficult by the dark nights.

  • A Scalan News will go out within the next two months. One thing it will be asking for is up-to-date email addresses. These have not been used much up until now, but the pandemic has taught the need for them to communicate quickly, and it will be the likely way we will  use to give firm details about any possible AGM, since it may have to be arranged at the last moment, or indeed cancelled similarly.

  • No great effort was made, deliberately, to ask for subscriptions last year. However, the Scalan News will ask for them for this year when it appears. Please wait until then before sending anything. 

  • Despite everything, it has been encouraging to see that the website has had a steady flow of visitors. So, while sending this message, I would like to encourage you to make use of the website to read a fairly substantial amount of material here on our Scottish Catholic History.

  • Please spread the word of all of the above to Scalan members as well as -finding new ones.

Father Michael Briody, President.