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Marking the 300th Anniversary of Scalan 2016

A large crowd gathered in the wind and rain at the Old College Scalan to celebrate the 300th anniversary of its foundation. Fr Michael Broidy (the Secretary/Treasurer of the Scalan Association) led a group of parishioners from St Michael's Moodiesburn on a 4 hour bus journey and walk out to the remote college to gather for Mass. Archbishop Cushley led the celebrations, joined by Archbishop Tartallia, Archbishop Conti, Bishop Vigneron from the Archdiocese of Detroit & Bishop Nolan. As well as several Priests from around Scotland. Fr McGhee, Fr John Mcclean, Fr Eddie, Monsignor McIntyre, Fr Allen, Deacon McClean, Fr Issac, Fr Thomson & Fr Briody.

The Old College Scalan prepared 64 Priests for Scotland from 1716 to 1799 at a crucial time where the penal laws had outlawed Priests. The Seminary was one of the few places in Scotland where the Roman Catholic faith was kept alive during the 1700s. The Scalan Association preserve the house and buildings as well as promote knowledge of the Scalan throughout Scotland and further afield.

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