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Fr. Ogilvie's short Mission

On his return to Scotland after an absence of about twenty years, we know that he went first to his home district. Did he visit his family? We do not know. He seems to have been involved with the Catholic aristocracy of the area but they didn’t appear to be enthusiastic about whatever his approach was. They loved their Faith. They would have been delighted to have a priest to say Mass, but it wouldn’t go much beyond that. They certainly were not going to get involved in anything political and there is a suspicion that, being a Jesuit, he would not have been shy to suggest something a wee bit more adventurous. It is reported that he left the north-east disappointed and headed for Edinburgh, where there was a fairly strong Catholic presence. Then came the mysterious visit to London and Paris, and finally back to Glasgow where he was arrested in October 1614, and over the next six months he was interrogated, tortured, put on trial and eventually hanged at Glasgow Cross on 10 March 1615.

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