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Eilean Ban

With the passage of time, the Bishops had some dissatisfaction with the seminaries on the continent. Too many students were leaving. A common problem was that they were not really prepared for the demands of the teaching institutes which they attended. There was also a desire to prepare men for Priesthood entirely on Scottish soil, despite the Penal Laws. This led to the creation in 1714 of the first seminary in Scotland on Eilean Bàn, an island on Loch Morar in the Western Highlands. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by government troops, the “Redcoats”, in 1716, as they laid waste much of the Highlands in punishment for the Jacobite Uprising of 1715. Loch Morar area continued to be a strong Catholic centre. It is referred to as "Blessed Morar". The church in the photo is "Our Lady of the Perpetual Succour and St. Cumin" which was opened in 1889, on the shore of the loch as you can see. The island on the left is the location of the seminary

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