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Saint Mungo

Living at the same time as Saint Columba was Saint Mungo, or Kentigern. His mother was Saint Enoch, (or Teneu, or Thenew or Thenog) hence the use of the name for various places in Glasgow. She was a Lothian princess who became pregnant as a result of being raped, but her father cast her off in a boat into the Firth of Forth. She landed on the opposite shore, where Saint Serf had his monastic school. She was cared for there and the future Saint Mungo was born, the nickname given him by Saint Serf. He became a priest and the first Bishop of Glasgow. At one point, opposition from a local king forced him into exile. He went to Wales and continued the work of Christ there. Later he was welcomed back by a new king and died in Glasgow in 603. The stained-glass window is a depiction of him in the Pontifical Scots College, Rome.

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