June 26, 2019

Mass at Scalan the Secret Seminary honouring the 250th Anniversary of Bishop George Hay On Trinity Sunday 1769, Fr George Hay a Scottish Priest was consecrated a Bishop in secret. An illegal act. During those years following the Scottish Reformation the Catholic Faith was outlawed. It was to remote wild places such as Scalan College in the highlands where this ancient faith was rekindled by training for priesthood to administe...

January 11, 2018

What is Scalan and why did it come about was the question. The following is the first of several short instalments which should lead us towards a better understanding of it all.

The Scottish Parliament met in Edinburgh in 1560 and passed what Catholics call the Penal Laws. These forbade the celebration of Mass in Scotland; priests were prohibited from being in Scotland at all. Further laws of a similar nature were enacted over...

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