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Saint John Ogilvie and James VI and I

Despite the Gunpowder plot, James still had a hankering for reaching some accommodation with his Catholic subjects. He really hoped that the pope would find some way of recognising James’ legitimacy as sovereign of his Catholic subjects, if only to keep them quiet. Is this where Saint John Ogilvie came in? What was involved in the mysterious journey to London a few months after he arrived in Scotland? Was this a typically brave Jesuit-style attempt to get to the heart of power, and influence it towards a more sympathetic approach, like Saint Paul who appealed for his case to be heard by the august emperor? Did King James see an opportunity to use John Ogilvie as a channel through which he could send a message to Rome? John Ogilvie should have been imprisoned and executed soon after according to English Law for being a priest on English soil. Did King James also feel that he could trust a fellow Scot more than others who surrounded him in London?

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