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Bishop Hay

The above portrait is of Bishop George Hay as a much younger man than the one that has normally used on the website. It is to be found in the Pontifical Scots College, Rome, and recently the rector very kindly arranged for a copy to be sent for use on the website and for other purposes which will advance Scottish Catholic Heritage.

Bishop Hay forbade priests to wear wigs, which were fashionable in his day, considering them affected. Here you see him with his natural hair. He was a man of straight and strong opinions, especially when it came to clergy living a disciplined life.

This is his special year. We are gathering at Scalan on Trinity Sunday, 16 June, at 4.00pm to mark the 250th anniversary of his consecration as bishop, which took place on Trinity Sunday 1769, in secret because of the anti-Catholic Penal Laws, in the small upstairs chapel in the building we can visit today. Will we see you there?

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