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Scalan Altar at Carfin

Plans are well under way to have a Scalan Altar at Carfin Grotto to commemorate the native Scots who kept the Faith in difficult times. The secret seminary at Scalan is very representative of them. Moreover it produced the priests who were crucial to catering for the Catholic Highlanders who migrated to the lowland towns and cities after 1790 and the Irish immigrants who came about the same time. The altar will be situated with a backdrop of the bas-reliefs which depict the Seven Dolours of Our Lady, all recently restored, which you will be able to see in the photo. Both Bishop Toal of Motherwell Diocese and Fr. McGachey, Rector of the Grotto have been very supportive of this project. A stone from Scalan will be embedded in the altar top; a plaque will give the Scalan dates (1716-99) on the front of the altar; and information boards will be prepared also.

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